Sunday, November 28, 2010


I made my very first turkey today and it turned out GREAT!  It was supper moist and full of flavor.  And we have enough left overs for the whole week! (bonus!!) 

So now that thanksgiving is officially over... now starts the Christmas season!

Who went Black Friday shopping??  Did you get any great deals?
I Decided not to go shopping during Black Friday. It is usually super busy and packed so I didn't go this year... but everyone I talked to said that there were crowds but not like the past years. 
Oh well... I think im going to do online shopping this year and skip the stores all together! I tend to spend more when I go to the stores :o)

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  1. I ventured out into the world of madness and had a great time! I got everything that I went for so I was happy. Next year we decided that we are getting a pedicure when we are done shopping. 10 hours of shopping wears out your feet that is for sure.