PR Policies

Review and Giveaway policies.

Review Policy:

I showcase the best products and services on my blog that I know my readers will enjoy. I also love gadgets and love trying out all the new technology.

Once I have received a product, I will email you within 4 days and give you a date that I will post the review. I post reviews generally within 2 weeks of receiving the product
*** Items will never be re-sold.
Contact me at me through my if you would like for me to host a review for you and I can give you all my information.

My site is angled toward promoting companies/products and I do not post negative reviews. I write my reviews honestly and if I feel you may not be happy with my review, I will email you the review before I post it.
How to Sponsorer a Giveaway:

Giveaways help increase the exposure of your product and is highly recommended. Standard run time for my giveaways is 2 weeks. I also advertise my giveaways on facebook and twitter.
I will need the following for a giveaway:
1. Company/Product Logo or any pictures you would like in the post if not available on your site
2. Shipping limitations? US Only, US and Canada Only, Worldwide
3. Item(s) to be reviewed
I request that you mail the winner their prize directly. After contest has ended, I verify the winner, and receive their information; I will then email you with their name and mailing address.

Any questions can be sent to

Thank You!