"Pure Romance is and in-home party company that sells a premier line of relationship aids.  Pure Romance products are not available in stores; they may be purchased online or through our network of more than 40,000 independent sales consultants throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands." (

These parties are alot of fun. They make great bachelorette parties, birthday parties, co-ed anniversary parties, or just for fun!
If you would like to host a party or become a consultant, check out the Pure Romance Website!
I was given a great package from Pure Romance and they are giving the same package away!!
The products are great and alot of fun!Our (my husband and I) favorite is the Just Like Me gel.  It is a water-based gentle formula.  And it smells like strawberries :o)  The Burning Desire candle is a really cool product.  You burn the soy based candle and use the wax as a body massage oil... who doesn't love a body massage! And the candle has a soft smell too!  I would recommend all of these products and am excited to try some of the other products off the website also! I would probably never of went into a store to purchase these products, but you can enjoy the party in your own home and have fun with friends and/or order right off the website and it is mail right to you!  It is very convientient!

 If you would like to WIN these great products just follow the instructions below and you can see for yourself how awsome these products are!!

Here is what I got to review!

Pleasure Puff
The Pleasure Puff Vibrating Loofah is discreetly steamy and so delightful! This vibrating loofah sponge looks ordinary, but is so extraordinary. Its waterproof bullet makes showers so much more pleasurable. The soft material exfoliates skin and increases circulation. Plus it’s a great stress reliever! You will feel invigorated from head to toe! 
***This is a fun product you can use by your self or with your significant other :) 

Ex-T-Cee Strawberry
Sometimes, ladies, we’re just not in the mood. Ex-T-Cee™ enhancement cream to the rescue! This wonderfully scented, flavored enhancement cream was specially formulated to thrill! Air activates the mint base to provide amazing sensations and increase pleasure in just the right spot. Ex-T-Cee is perfect for first time users! 
***It works! and the Strawberry scent great!!

Silver bullet
Our popular Silver Bullet clitoral stimulator has a variable speed wired remote to take you from low, relaxed vibration to intense pleasure.
***This product has multiple speeds so you can find just the right speed for you!

Dust Me Pink
Dust Me Pink edible body powder introduces fun, playful, edible flirtation to your lovemaking! Use the included sensual feather to dust each other with the edible powder, and then take your time exploring each other’s bodies by kissing off the berry flavored sweetness! Dust Me Pink is sugar free and smells great, too.
***This product is really fun!  The powder is like a flavored sugar but don't worry, its not messy!  The flavor reminds me of sweet tarts!! :)

Bosom buddy in Vanilla cupcake
Bosom Buddy enhancement cream will stimulate more than the taste buds! Apply this smooth, silky, flavored enhancement cream to nipples and lips for a tingling sensation, heightened arousal, and more supple skin. Bosom Buddy is great for both men and women!
****It smells just like the name... vanilla cupcake!! 

Just like me- strawberry
Just Like Me® is the lubricant that feels just like your natural moisture! Perfectly imitate lubricant with this pH balanced, water based lubricant. The consistency is smooth and easy to control, with its mild and gentle formula.
***This is a great product, its a gentle water based gel, and it smells like strawberries!! This was one of our favorites!

Burning Desire
Ignite a flame with Burning Desire! Burn this massage oil candle of natural soy and let the sweet, fragrant oil take over your body. Melted massage oil candle never burns beyond body temperature, so it’s perfect for doubling as a warm, rich body balm. Lasts up to 20 massages.
***Who doesn't love a body massage!!  This candle melts to a massage oil. Plus it is soy based and makes your skin silky soft! This is one of my favorites also!

How To Enter:
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Good Luck!!


Scentsy Wickless Candles Review

Scentsy is the coolest thing I have ever found! I no long use candles in my house, I threw them all away!

Scentsy consist of beautiful warmers that warm scented paraffin wax.  Now these are not the typical ‘wax tart’ burners that use a tea light to melt the wax; these warmers us a low watt light bulb to melt the paraffin.  You can actually stick our fingers in the melted paraffin and it wont burn you!  Scentsy also has other great products including Scent Circles, Travel Tins, Scent Paks, Room Spray, Anti-Bacterial Fragrance Foam, and Adorable Scentsy Buddies.

Scentsy Buddy

The warmers come in 3 sized:

Plug In


Full Sized

The scents come in the form of bars; which include 8 small cubes


I place my full sized warmer in my dining room with 2 cubes of the Christmas Cottage scent, and you can smell it through my living room, dining room, and kitchen area!  Each bar last roughly 2-4 weeks depending on how many cubes you use at once and how often you burn you paraffin.
After the smell dissipates you can loosen the paraffin (when its solid) with a butter knife and pop it out and throw it away.  But if you just want to change the scent you can melt the paraffin in your warmer and simply pour it back into the package and it reforms the cubes! Then just wipe the excess out with a paper towel and you are ready for a new scent!  It is that easy!

Because I LOVE my Scentsy warmers I am hosting a giveaway for $20.00 Scentsy Gift Certificate.
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