Monday, November 22, 2010

Missing Pieces!

Ok… it is time to get back on the bandwagon before these holidays hit. I have no will power at all! :o)

I have been trying to keep up my work outs but I have kind of been lacking the past 2 weeks and then yesterday I decided to make my 4 pumpkin pies for thanksgiving. I WAS going to take 3 to Thanksgiving Day at my aunts house and have 1 for thanksgiving on Sunday at my house… however… the house smelled soooooo good I just couldn’t help my self and had to try my masterpiece! So, I may be only taking 2 and a half to Thanksgiving Day! Haha

Hopefully no one notices the missing pieces


  1. Hey Chick.. I will notice!!! Just joking!

  2. So you are only taking 1/2 a pie? Well you said 2 1/2 but the thought of 1/2 a pie cracks me up!

    See ya Thursday!