Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rain rain ... Finally went way

The rain finally stopped yesterday.  Leaving behind lots of damage!
On monday we received about 7 inches of snow... Then on sunday night it thunderstormed from 9: 00 pm - 5 am.  We were awoke to tornado sirens  at 3: 30 am. Luckily there weren't any tornados in our area, but we awoke to major flooding.  We live just outside of town and didnt receive any flooding but others were not so lucky. Numerous friends and family of ours woke up to a foot of water in their basements, loosing everything they had down there.  in town the streets were so flooded that parked cars were floating into eachother!!  In the county next to us, where most of my family lives, they actually declared a state of emergency.  There is a mobile home park that they think is a total loss, they believe that most of the homes are not able to be saved :(    There was even a brave group of people who rescued dogs from the pound, which was completly flooded. They were able to save 20 of the 24 dogs there, sadly 4 dogs didnt make it.  they are now looking for people to adopt the dogs who are now homeless :( 
Today is hopefully a better day for everyone. The sun is shinning and the water is starting to disappear.

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  1. Thank Goodness the Rain ended.. and everything is finally drying out.. I am ready for spring which will include some showers.. but then there will be Flowers.. worth it!!!